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Wooden Loose Parts

Wooden Loose Parts

Adding natural materials to play allows small hands to experience different textures as well as making different patterns. 

These natural wooden loose parts are perfect for adding to Sensory dough, rice or peas or can be used on their own as part of play and exploring. 


Natural Untreated Wooden Cotton Reels (5pk):

A set of 5 different sized cotton reels, fab on their own for exploring size. Supplied with a shoelace for a stand alone threading activity, perfect for practicing fine motor skills. They are also fab with sensory dough for mark making, rolling and stamping. Or simply allow the imagination to run free... they make perfect ingredients for play soup!!

Sizes: width 2.5cm x height 1.5cm - 5cm 



Natural Untreated Wooden Rings (2pk):

Two chunky untreated wooden rings, a great addition to lots of loose parts or sensory play. Use as a viewfinder to explore around and spot circle shapes! Stamp circles and roll lines in sensory dough. Add as an extra texture to sensory rice play... use for sorting sensory peas intp colours... openended so the possibilites are endless!

Size: 5.5cm diameter, 1cm width



Natural Wooden Spoon:

Scooping, stirring, mixing, measuring... endless fun with sensory rice, a spoon and an imagination. Offering a variety of materials enhances the sensory aspect of play, a wooden spoon alongside a metal one is a great way of offering more textures. Small size makes it easy to manipulate for smaller hands too. 

Size: 13cm



Untreated Wooden Mini Egg Cup:

A curious shape for small hands to explore and manipulate. Perfect for scooping sensory rice or filling with sensory dough eggs! Balance a ball on it... bigger balls are harder to balance! Or simply add to a loose parts collection for exploring fun!

Size:  height 3.5cm, diameter 3cm



Rainbow Craft Sticks (12pk):

Craftsticks have endless possibilities and can be added to lots of different play and creativity. They make a great tool for cutting or mark making with sensory dough... or simply use them for colour matching with each other or items around the home! Use them for mark making in a tray of sensory rice or for stirring a bowlful!

2 of each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple


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