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Winter Ice Sensory Play

Winter Ice Sensory Play




PRE-ORDER Winter Ice Sensory Play Box


Everything you need for wintery sensory play, learning and fun!


Whether you're creating ice monters, practicng spellings or pouring and measuring, the peppermint scented sensory rice and dough with the accompying assorted loose parts add an extra depth to the play or learning experience.


The silver sensory sheet can provide an activity in itself, the crinkly sounds and textures are lots of fun and it makes the perfect reflective backdrop for winter themed play.


The potions and magic snow are perfect to add a magical twist to any play session. Listen to the sounds of the fizzing potion then reuse the shimmering water to magically expand the packet of snow into bowl of icy 'real' snow!


Use the accompying Play Ideas cards to get more out of your product or for even more inspiration check out on Facebook or Instagram for daily pictures, videos and play set ups.



1x 250g White Peppermint Sensory Dough

1x 250g Blue Peppermint Sensory Dough

1x 175g Winter Ice Sensory Rice

1x 20g Magic Snow

1x 30g Winter Potion

1x Silver Sensory Sheet

1x Pack assorted themed loose parts

Play Inspiration & Information cards


Pre-order for dispatch from mid November

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