Small Sensory Dough

Small Sensory Dough

Super soft scented sensory dough handmade for unleashing imagination in immersive play and learning. 


Building monsters, forming letters, counting or simply pressing, squashing, rolling and of course strengthening those all important hand muscles, the sensory dough is ideal for giving play and learning activities an added sensory element. 

Ever looked at the footprints of your animals or dinosaurs? Try stomping them over some rolled out dough... how about testing the tyre tracks of your favourite trucks? Budding baker? Add a rolling pin and a few cookie cutters for role play fun... Let the dough be limited only by your imagination!


The scents in the dough add an extra sensory element, wether its a calming lavender or an uplifting peppermint it makes the whole experience more immersive... however, we understand not all users enjoy scented products, if you'd prefer your dough scent free please get in touch!


The sensory dough comes in a reusable/recyclable aluminium storage tin to keep it fresh. The 125g tin size (more than most big brand dough tubs) is plenty for use in lots of creations and activities, but also small enough to pack for travel or to add to gift or party bag.



1 x 125g tin Coloured and Scented Sensory Dough

Sensory Dough Play Ideas Card


Although it can look and smell delicious, the sensory dough is NOT edible, therefore adult supervisioon is required. However most of the doughs are made almost entirely from food grade product so are safe if small hands do grab hold!